The Sensational Baby Experience

Sensational Baby is more than just a playgroup. We provide a different and exciting environment for babies to play in and have their senses stimulated. There is a variety of original and exciting equipment and toys for babies to explore. The group will also be an opportunity for new parents to meet others in the same situation as them and to form friendships and share experiences and advice.

The organised group sessions last for 45 minutes and include songs, actions, rhymes, movement and sensory stimulation.

There will also be suggestions for activities for you to try at home with your baby, along with a handout detailing these ideas and what we have done in the session, so you can help your child to develop his/her sensory awareness and other important skills. Sensational Baby provides fun, enjoyment and delight for both you and your baby as you play and explore together, interacting and bonding with each other.


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activities we do

  • Bubble play
  • Exploring textures
  • Light shows
  • Action songs & rhymes
  • Massage
  • Fabric play & peekaboo games
  • Baby sign language
  • Treasure baskets
  • Feely bags
  • Musical instruments