why sensory development

It is vital that babies' senses are stimulated in order to help them develop and achieve a greater awareness of themselves and the world around them. Babies are fascinated by lights, colours, textures and sounds - everything around them is an amazing new experience. Sensational Baby sessions provide an exciting stimulating environment where your baby can safely explore and you will gain ideas of different ways to interact and bond with your child.

The great thing about Sensational Baby class leaders is that we have many real experiences working with children, both in the classroom and at home, and we are mothers so have the skills to ensure the sessions are always fun, engaging and interactive.

The ideas and activities have a solid base in child development theory.


"The value of learning through play was first put forward by Friedrich Froebel in the 19th century. Froebel, a German educator, stressed encouraging the natural growth of a child through action or play. He felt that educational play involved the child in feeling, observing, developing a sense of form, space, time and movement. These practices were reinforced in the 20th century by Swiss philosopher Jean Piaget who said that children learn through the active exploration of a wide variety of objects. Play is often described as the 'work' of childhood. However, linking play to work almost brings the connotation that it is has to have outcomes, that there is always a purpose, and by some it may be seen as a chore! We view play as a vital part of children's holistic development.
Play has both social and cognitive elements. The social elements of play refers to the amount of social interaction that a child is engaged in. The cognitive elements refers to the complexity of a child's play skills. These elements are interrelated and will often overlap."
Taken from Eureka website 'What is play?'section

activities we do

  • Bubble play
  • Exploring textures
  • Light shows
  • Action songs & rhymes
  • Massage
  • Fabric play & peekaboo games
  • Baby sign language
  • Treasure baskets
  • Feely bags
  • Musical instruments